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How To Use Instagram Hashtags for Enormous Reach?

16 Nov 2022 Digital Marketing

How To Use Instagram Hashtags for Enormous Reach?

Instagram is one of today’s hottest social platforms, and it runs on hashtags. Using the proper number of hashtags, and applying them effectively, can assist you to achieve your marketing goals. Read on to find out some tips and best practices for getting more exposure with Instagram hashtags.


Research Your audience

Rather than placing random general hashtags at the top of your Instagram posts, take a more targeted approach to grow your following by seeking out which hashtags your audience is currently using and inserting them into your posts


Remember to seem beyond the number of results for hashtags and avoid overused ones.


Think in terms of specifics, since generally speaking, the narrower the scope of any given hashtag, the more likely users are to be engaged with topics posted thereupon hashtag.


Research Leaders in Your Industry

One of the foremost effective ways to ascertain k the hashtags you ought to be using is to follow Instagram influencers and businesses that share your audience to see which hashtags they use. you'll likely discover a couple of new hashtags to feature in your arsenal.


Place Hashtags in Instagram Stories

Adding hashtags to Instagram Stories – within the text, a sticker or a location tag – provides your content with a different to be found by a replacement audience.


But placing hashtags in your Instagram Story images or videos doesn’t guarantee that it'll happen. Why? Because hashtag aggregation depends on the standard of the content posted and its level of engagement.


Use Geographical Tags

When it involves Instagram Stories, location tags work almost in an equivalent way as conventional hashtags. There are only a few differences:

  • Locations can only be posted using stickers (no text is allowed), and Each photo or video can only have one location tag.
  • When tagging locations like certain neighbourhoods during a city, tagged Stories could reach local, state, regional, and national audiences.


Niche Hashtags

Niche hashtags are wont to connect your brand to a selected audience – the one presumably to interact and do business with you. These speciality tags are especially useful for small- and medium-sized brands hoping to be seen during a sea of larger competition.


Add Hashtags to Your Instagram Profile Bio

Since Instagram bios only allow one standard hyperlink, adding hashtags to yours will encourage people to start conversations and share experiences around your brand.

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