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How to Set Strategic Social Media Goals?

09 Dec 2022 Digital Marketing

How to Set Strategic Social Media Goals?

Setting social media goals may be a key step toward proving (and improving) the worth of your social media work. Writing your goals down and frequently reporting on your progress also significantly increases the likelihood that you simply will achieve what you began to try to do.

Goals assist you to chart a course for improvement and success. they permit you to ascertain how effective your efforts are. they provide you purpose and direction, in a documented way that you simply can share with others.


Common Social Media Marketing Goals

Below you have to find an inventory of some common social media marketing goals — decide which of those are most aligned together with your business goals.

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Sell a product/advertise a service
  • Generate more sales and leads
  • Communicate with customers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Run an awareness campaign
  • Establish online authority


How To Set SMART Social Media Goals

For a goal to become a reality, it must be specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic, also as time-specific — these are often called SMART goals. SMART goals are one of the longest-lasting, hottest goal-setting frameworks for business.


Let’s take a better check out what makes a goal SMART

Specific — the more specific you'll be with writing down a goal, the better it'll be to see what it's you're trying to realize. Let’s take as an example a goal to grow your Twitter followers.

Measurable — How will you measure your success? for instance — double the amount of your existing Twitter followers.

Attainable — is your goal attainable? are you able to realistically double the amount of your Twitter followers?

Relevant — a relevant goal is aligned closely to your business objectives. Does this goal support your business’s objectives, vision, or values?

Time Specific — give your goal a deadline. Double Twitter follower numbers in three months.


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