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5 Strategies to Extend E-Commerce sales with Facebook ads

17 Mar 2021 Digital Marketing

5 Strategies to Extend E-Commerce sales with Facebook ads

Facebook is one of the foremost popular and largest social media platforms. To sell e-commerce products and convey in additional conversions, you'll use Facebook ads and campaigns. Facebook may be a good way to interact with customers and generate leads for your products and business through user engagement. Building an audience through Facebook and getting users curious about your business may be a cost-effective and efficient solution. The following pointers can assist you to generate better ROI for Facebook ads for your eCommerce products.


Here are some of the ways you can use Facebook ads to boost your sales.


Choose targeted demographics carefully.

A list of features and options are available on Facebook once you want to make a buzz for your products through the Facebook Ads. Know who your audience is and choose the demographics carefully by selecting, age, region, ethnicity, and gender. This strategy will make sure that all the users who are only curious and wouldn’t buy from you are filtered from clicks. You’d want most of the clicks to convert. Using these filtering options when creating Facebook ads and campaigns, you'll get maximum ROI and genuine customers who have an interest in buying from you.


You can post Facebook ads to users who subscribe to your email and target users who are already interested. Regularly promote discounts and offers and use Facebook ads effectively to avoid spamming the emails of the purchasers.


Post blogs and update the Facebook page with the blog links. To start out with, you'll also send free samples to users who are influencers and may promote your product. Ensure to urge a mention of the platforms of the influencers.


Use strategies that provide users incentives to click on your ad

Choose your phrasing and words efficiently, so it attracts customers to your Facebook page. Phrases that are likely to urge more clicks are limited like hurry, last chance, clearance, or any word or phrase that express urgency. You’ll also choose trigger phrases or words that stir the emotions of the users and make them click the ad. Words like ‘free,’ ‘discounts’ and ‘offers’ easily attract users to your ad on Facebook.


You can also sponsor a web event that generates interest within the users and keeps them engaged. Do your research before you'll sponsor any event. Before posting an actual event, demonstrate what quite an interest it generates within the users.


You can also post interviews of the influences on your blogs and Facebook pages to garner the eye of the users. Make an inventory of interesting and relevant inquiries to ask the influencers who will help users get clarity about your products. Make viral videos, do something shocking or outrageous, and convey on your out-of-the-box creative juices to try to the PR of your products on the Facebook platform.


Post-high-quality product images

Facebook may be a visual perception. The users are likely to click on product images that are of top quality and may trigger their interest. You’ve got to use a knowledgeable photographer to click quality images of your products. Conversions and leads depend upon the standard of images posted about your products. Choose products that highlight the features of the merchandise and avoid using corporate logos on the products. the purchasers got to see the features and therefore the maker of the merchandise with clarity to form a buying decision. Avoid using stock photos for your products and also cluttering the pictures with unnecessary detailing.


Use two to 3 shots of the pictures, one pack up, one highlighting the features, and a far shot of the merchandise image. don't take images that obstruct the detailing of the merchandise, and blur the background.


Display listing and price of the merchandise

This is one of the simplest strategies to filter customers and convey your conversions of genuine customers. Mention all the small print about your products and also shipping options. Don’t clutter the knowledge and keep the outline crisp and precise. You’ll also choose the ‘Boost’ option of any of your products to urge better conversions. You’ll select the number of users your post can reach within one day or for a month. You’ll choose the timeline and set the quantity to get leads for your product. When creating a Facebook ad, select from an outsized list of options to define your audience. This will get you conversions from the targeted audience. Send reminders to users on your Facebook page and retarget potential customers.

Create a call-to-action closure

Choose what quite call-to-action you would generate when it involves ending the ad. Close the ad with a bang that generates the will for the user to require action and bringing you conversions. Find innovative and artistic ways to influence the customer to shop for your product through Facebook ads. You’ll use audio, visuals and mixed media to make ads that generate interest within the users.


Generate content relevant to your product that's interesting and shareable. Make sure that you post regularly and use the features of the Facebook ads effectively to get better ROI for your eCommerce products.

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