Maintenance & Support

Along with software development services, an area that is gaining a lot of attention and supports that is the software and maintenance services. Application process and a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable to the development and maintenance of software is based on software engineering.

G-ordinateur is a web development, SEO, and a software development company providing reliable software development and software maintenance support in India. In maintenance programs, maintenance means the word development activities and receives programs to correct errors, in order to improve performance or other attributes, or to allow adapting to a changing environment.

G-ordinateur provides marine maintenance programs for organizations that need maintenance and support programs. Maintenance programs are an integral part of the software development life cycle. We offer end-to-end outsourcing services for software maintenance to ensure that issues are resolved software maintenance in a timely and effective manner, with duration of not less than critical applications.

Well equipped G-ordinateur in the maintenance and development and correct errors in maintenance programs. With our vast experience we offer to our customers an ad hoc group to perform the task in the midst of well-defined procedures and methodologies.

Software maintenance services include:

  • Correction: We have a team analyzes and provides quality support and maintenance of an efficient and timely manner.
  • Product / Service Stabilization: This service includes maintenance improvements as a result of changes in hardware and software for the system or changes in productive work environment.
  • Integration with New Application: We have a team capable of providing integrated solutions and scalable, which is in the tub with rapidly changing technologies.

Our services include all the major software maintenance elements:

  • Offers traditional corrective maintenance or identify bugs found in the code.
  • Adaptation addresses maintenance programs adapt to new environments.
  • Perfective maintenance programs goals update regarding the changing needs of users.
  • With this dealing with the review of documents and make the program even makes maintenance easier.

Every offshore software maintenance allowed learning the value of the new, which enables us to further strengthen our expertise to provide high-quality services.